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case study

In 2012, Brett Benton managed NORDAM’s Singapore office. NORDAM is a global aerospace design, engineering, manufacturing, and repair services company. Brett expressed to David Perkins and Acquisition Advisors his interest in becoming an owner. He had worked hard and earned a lot of money for others, such as NORDAM, for many years. While he appreciated the experience and knowledge that he received through his years of management and leadership, he shared, if the right opportunity came along, he’d love to somehow or some way have a piece of the action.

Well, it did not take long before Acquisition Advisors was representing the owner of Quality Aircraft Accessories, an aerospace parts business, that wished to sell and retire. The seller also managed the business, and there was no one at the business that seemed capable of stepping up and running the business.

Acquisition Advisors found several buyers that were willing and able to provide the acquisition capital and were open to ideas as to who would run the company. Acquisition Advisors introduced Brett Benton who seemed like a perfect fit. Acquisition Advisors was able to work out a deal for Brett to become CEO and an owner. Brett and his partners succeeded in growing the company considerably, had a lot of fun, and made a lot of money. Then in 2022, they sold the business to Hartzell Aviation. Brett now works

for Hartzell, is a pilot and owns an airplane, is on the Acquisition Advisors Advisory Board and is a private equity investor. Brett is here to help us back proven business managers in their desire to “get a piece of the action” and grow a business.

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